Live news to broadcast on 60 screens across 15 London Underground stations thanks to new deal with TfL

Commuters in London will now be able to watch live “positive” news being broadcast onto screens placed across the Underground network.

Transport for London has partnered with ad agency Exterion Media to install 60 HD screens across 15 London Tube stations, including Oxford Circus, Camden Town and Green Park.

They will display news content provided by multi-lingual news channel Euronews, covering local, international, business, technology and sports – as well as the weather.

Richard Simkins, creative solutions director at Exterion Media, said: “In our world of 24-hour content, this is an exciting industry development for taking broadcast news to the Tube.

“We know that Londoners are spending more time away from their homes, with 4m people using the Tube every day.”

He said the broadcasts would “enhance” commuters’ “journey experience” and unlock new advertising and commercial opportunities.

Jenny Delcambre, head of global out-of-home partnerships at Euronews, said: “Our partnership with Exterion Media and TfL will deliver our daily dose of curated news to London audiences as they travel around the city.”

As part of its market research, Exterion Media completed a national consumer survey which found that 69 per cent of Londoners want to see news and current affairs content whilst travelling.

The figure rises to 71 per cent among 16 to 34-year-olds.

The survey also reports that 81 per cent of commuters on the Tube are “mostly interested” in keeping up with global news, whilst 74 per cent are more keen on local news and 69 per cent in the weather forecast.

Chris Reader, head of commercial media at TfL, said the partnership will help to “create more memorable moments” for passengers, adding: “We hope [they] enjoy this content as they travel through our stations.”

He said the new “digital platform displays” would help “raise vital revenue that can be reinvested in modernising the transport network”.

Picture: Exterion Media


2 thoughts on “Live news to broadcast on 60 screens across 15 London Underground stations thanks to new deal with TfL”

  1. Choice might be a good idea. Mandated news with views between consumer opportunities is unhealthy at the best of times, to force such when zoned out traveling seems rather Orwellian. However if the ‘concerns’ that profit from it’s installation sponsor a poll in their own favour who am I to criticise?

    1. We already have mandated views with the Evening Standard and Metro newspapers. I think having greater diversity of opinions would help.

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