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Sector: architecture

Frequency: monthly

Publisher: Media 10

Price: £3.95

The first title from new publisher Media 10 is targeted towards the professional architect and design market as well as the general reader. Most of the initial print run of 30,000 will be sent directly to industry professionals, though 6,000 copies will be distributed through the general news trade.

Editor: Marcus Fairs

Contact: Media 10, National House, High Street, Epping, CM16 4BD

Tel: 01992 570 030

E-mail: marcus@icon-magazine.co.uk



Sector: business/finance

Publisher: Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland

Circulation: 23,000

This Scottish business and finance magazine has been redesigned to accommodate technical articles and expert columns as well as more general interest topics. Responding to readers comments, the title aims to strengthen its appeal and improve topicality, flexibility and its ability to respond to developments. Extra coverage has been given in areas such as economics, law, pensions and corporate governance.

Editor: Robert Outram

Contact: 1a St Bernard’s Row, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1HW

Tel: 0131 343 7512

E-mail: routram@icas.org.uk


Pretty Pony Club

Sector: children’s

Publisher: Toontastic Publishing Ltd

Price: £2.50

Twelve new ponies have joined the stable of this magazine for girls aged between three to six. New features include cut-out-and-keep fact cards and pony files, in addition to pull-out posters and educational features on simple pony care.

Tel: 0161 624 0414

E-mail: iain.law@toontasticpublishing.com


Journalism: truth or dare? by Ian Hargreaves

Price: £12.99 hardback

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Is journalism the ‘first draft of history’ or a dumbing-down of our culture and the glorification of the trivial and intrusive? Hargreaves examines the varied roles of the journalist and looks at how information is filtered down to the reader.

Contact: OUP, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP


The Europe Prize 2003: Journalism for a Changing World

Deadline: 31 July 2003

Contact: Ann-Christina Hansen

Tel: +32 2 235 2207

E-mail: projects@ifj.org

Website: www.ifj.org/europeprize

The 2003 prize will be awarded for outstanding reports which focus on the social, economic and political impact of drug policy in Europe. To enter, journalists are invited to submit one article related to drug use and drugs policy published between 1 April 2002 and 30 April 2003.


EdExcel Educational Journalism Award

Deadline: 1 May 2003

Contact: Stevie Pattison-Dick

Tel:020 7758 5508

E-mail: Stevie.Pattison-Dick@Edexcel.org.uk

Website: www.edexcel.org.uk/achievement

Regional Press Awards

Deadline: 1 May 2003

Contact: Andrea Hayes , 19 Scarbrook Road, Croydon CR9 1LX

Tel: 020 8565 3056 E-mail: andreah@qpp.co.uk

Visions of Science Photography Competition

Deadline: 30 May 2003

Contact: Katie Watt

Tel: 020 7613 5577

Website: www.visions-of-science.co.uk


Organic and Natural Living

Sector: lifestyle

Publisher: TRMG Ltd

Price: £3.25

Following the purchase of Organic Life Magazine by TRMG Ltd in February, this previously bi-monthly food magazine has been renamed and refocused to reflect the expanding nature of the organic market. Food will remain a high priority, but the emphasis has widened to include other lifestyle areas. Editor Francois Prins says: “We will be bringing a whole range of inspiring features on food, interiors, travel, exercise, health and beauty that make women feel naturally better.” The design of the magazine had also been revamped. Editorial and commercial manager –and previous owner –Anthony Rainbow says: “It’s always difficult to change everything when it’s your own baby, but I’m delighted with how it’s turned out.”

Editor: Francois Prins

Contact: Winchester Court, 1 Forum Place, Hatfield, Herts AL10 0RN

Tel: 01707 273 999

Fax: 01707 276555

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