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Let's go to Iceland

Of course, it’s easy to be a smart arse after the event, but here’s The Guardian’s top recommendation for savings accounts, as published on September 24th. 

Icesave’s easy access cash Isa

“The glory of the cash Isa is that it allows you to take all your returns free of income tax. If you leave your money in a standard savings account, the interest you earn will be taxed at 40% if you’re a top rate taxpayer, or 20% if you’re a basic rate taxpayer. Not so in a cash Isa. A top-rate taxpayer earning 6% in a cash Isa is getting the equivalent of 10% gross, while a basic rate taxpayer gets 7.69%.

“Icelandic-owned bank Icesave’s Easy Access Isa currently pays a variable 6.1% on £1,000 or above.”

Or not, as the case may be.



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