Let press see inquest papers

An element which I was always keen to see as a result of the Shipman
Inquiry was for access to documents such as birth, deaths, marriages
and inquests moved into the public domain.

Then, if all systems
failed, at least there might be some relative or even investigative
journalist who might be able to bring wrongdoing to light. It was a
daughter of a victim who first brought the whole affair to the proper
attention of the authorities in 1998.

In a submission which I
made to the Shipman Inquiry I suggested that patient confidentiality
was important, but not if it helped a doctor get away with murder, and
documents from inquests should be made available (not just to families)
on request.

However, the final report gives no indication that anything will improve.

am bitterly disappointed that a perfect opportunity to open up
information will enable the next killer GP or medic to quite literally
get away with murder if and when those new systems fail.

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