Lawyers on mole hunt

Lawyers acting for the Hutton Inquiry this week continued their mole hunt to find out who leaked the report to Sun political editor Trevor Kavanagh.

They will be investigating whether one of the people given an advance copy of the report broke the confidentiality agreement they were asked to sign or whether the leak came from another source.

Kavanagh’s front-page scoop gave The Sun the story 24 hours ahead of other newspapers and caused Lord Hutton to demand an investigation into the leak at the conclusion of his statement on Wednesday.

According to a spokesman for the inquiry: “Lord Hutton has put in train an urgent investigation into the handling of those copies of the report released to the parties to the inquiry in advance of publication. This will also include the handling of the report by the inquiry itself and by the printers.

“The solicitor to the inquiry will establish an audit trail of copies of the report and those who had access to them before its publication. In the light of the outcome Lord Hutton will review what further steps he might take.”

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