Launch of 'Heffington Post' at Daily Mail could be 'weeks away'

Former Daily Telegraph associate editor Simon Heffer is reported to be back at his old paper The Daily Mail and working on a major blogging project.

According to blogger Tim Montgomerie Heffer is weeks away from launching a new multi-authored blog aimed at British and UK audiences.

Guido Fawkes speculated about this story last month and suggested a great name for the new blog network: The Heffington Post. According to Guido, Heffer was on gardening leave from the Telegraph until 1 August so unable to compete with his former employer until then.

Heffer’s exit from the Telegraph was announced in May.

Heffer seems to yo-yo between the Telegraph and the Mail. He was deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph before joining the Daily Mail as a columnist in 1995. He then returned to the Telegraph under then editor Martin Newland in 2005.

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