Latest launch in the booming pre-school mags sector Blossom 'targets the pink in every little girl'

Daily Telegraph writer Emily Bamber has reviewed the latest launch in the booming pre-school magazines sector – Blossom.

Aimed at little girls aged four to six it claims to be “tailor-made to the way girls learn”.

But while magazines for grown-ups are clearly divided between men and women – Bamber asks whether four is a little early to start gender stereotyping.

Whether I like it or not, my four-year-old daughter is definitely in a ‘pink phase’ but it’s just a small area of her interests. She also spends loads of time outdoors in scruffy jeans, climbing trees, hunting for bugs, pretending to be a pirate and whizzing around on her scooter.

The same gender neutrality largely applies to our reading material too. So suffice to say I was pretty uncomfortable with another magazine that targets the pink in every little girl and reduces it down to a sugary, sickly essence.”

The verdict from her daughter was, however, more positive: “This magazine is brilliant mummy.”

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