Late news kills Standard's slip

London’s Evening Standard has changed its distribution patterns to
focus more attention on late-breaking, circulationboosting news.

paper has dropped from five paid for editions to four. The first
edition still goes at 8.30am, but the 10am “slip” edition will no
longer be sold by vendors – although some copies will continue to go
out as bulks. The free lunchtime Lite edition remains the same, there
is another edition at 1pm, the West End Final has been brought forward
half an hour to 3pm and the last edition is at 4.45pm.

Standard managing editor Doug Wills said: “Late-breaking news is our
strength. We are always striving to get the latest paper out to the
reader and we found there was scope in doing that, but it would mean
losing the small slip edition. In recent months, late stories including
the London bombings have helped boost circulation.”

On the day of the bombings, the Standard put on 100,000.

Wills said the paper will be taking on new columnists and adding features.

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