Last orders for Press Gallery bar

It’s the end of an era for the Press Gallery where the thirsty hacks’ bar at the end of their corridor in the Commons is being dismantled.

The venue ‒ complete with its famous rolls of honour listing the past chairmen (yes, they’re all men) of the Press Gallery ‒ is being turned into new offices.

In a move which has dismayed “Old Lobby” stalwarts, the bar will reopen after the summer recess in a new location and remodelled as a “French-style brasserie” serving coffee and soup alongside pints of Foster’s and Guinness.

One wag had hoped to buy the entire bar to re-erect it in his living room. Sadly for him, the Commons authorities plan to move the legendary bar “into storage”.

However, at least six “final night” dos have been held as hacks attempt to drink the bar dry before the shutters are pulled down for the last time.

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