Labour bans copies of The Sun from its annual conference in Liverpool out of 'respect' to people of city

Copies of The Sun newspaper have been banned from the Labour Party conference.

Labour’s general secretary Iain McNicol took action following a complaint at the event in Liverpool, a city where a widespread boycott of the paper has been in place due to its coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.


The newspaper has since apologised, including on its front page, but sales and its reputation in Liverpool and among Liverpool supporters have never recovered.

Tony Kearns, Communication Workers Union assistant general secretary and a Liverpool fan, raised a point of order at Labour’s conference asking for one of the exhibitors to “show some respect” to the city’s people.

He told delegates: “What is not acceptable in this city is the London Lounge giving away free copies of The Sun newspaper at a Labour Party conference, in a city whose people and football club fans were vilified and lied about by that paper.

“And I look to the CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee) to tell them to stop it.

“They know they shouldn’t be doing it because when one delegate asked to take it away, they wrapped it in a copy of The Times because they were ashamed of having to do it.

“Show some respect for the people of this city.”

Wendy Nichols, a member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee, said everybody in the conference hall was “united” with Mr Kearns.

She said she would advise the CAC to make sure The Sun is “no longer in this building and should never come here again”.

Ms Nichols later told delegates: “The general secretary Iain McNicol has asked the exhibitors to remove all copies of The Sun from the lounge and this conference site.”

Conservative MP Nigel Adams, a member of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, labelled the action “absolutely astonishing”.

He said: “An independent free press is vital to our democracy. Someone needs to tell the Labour Party this is Great Britain, not North Korea.”



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1 thought on “Labour bans copies of The Sun from its annual conference in Liverpool out of 'respect' to people of city”

  1. Is Conservative MP Nigel Adams for real! Has this cretin been living under a rock – well done to Mr Kearns and the Communication Workers Union for standing up for the decent people of Liverpool and the memory of 96 people who were unlawfully killed!

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