Kieron Bryan expected back in London this evening after being issued with an exit visa by Russian authorities

Journalist Kieron Bryan is currently flying from St Petersburg to Paris before travelling to St Pancras station this evening. 

The 29-year old videographer was jailed by Russian authorities while covering a Greenpeace protest in the Arctic Circle.

The so-called Arctic 30 were detained 102 days ago after Russian special forces fast-roped onto the deck of the Arctic Sunrise.

Bryan and his fellow shipmates had initially been charged with piracy although this was later downgraded to hooliganism. The group was given bail last month after spending two months in custody. 

They were later granted an amnesty by Russian parliamentarians. 


Members of the group including Bryan  left St Petersburg today and will arrive in Paris this afternoon before travelling to London's St Pancras Station on Eurostar to be met by their families, a spokesman for Greenpeace said.

A spokesman for Greenpeace said: "After 102 days it's great to have them on the way back home. We've spoken to them and they're excited to be coming back.

"It is a relief to their families who have gone through a difficult time."

The group were detained for protesting against an Arctic offshore oil rig owned by the Russian company Gazprom.


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