Kent titles campaign against cruelty

A campaign demanding tougher sentences for those found guilty of cruelty to animals has been launched by the Kentish Times series.

The Crack Down on Cruelty campaign was launched last week with the full backing of the RSPCA and several MPs.

In a leader column in each of the 10 KT titles, group editor Melody Ryall wrote: “The way the law stands at the moment, cruelty to animals is given about as much reverence as apple scrumping or shoplifting.

“So what do you get for torturing an animal these days? A three-month suspended sentence and the opportunity to paint a public toilet somewhere in the form of a community service order.”

She said she was inspired to start the campaign after a local RSPCA inspector spoke of his shock at the meagre punishment dealt out to a woman who had committed one of the the worst acts of cruelty against animals he had ever come across.

Ryall added: “We know from a previous campaign how much the British love their animals. Since launching our Crack Down on Cruelty campaign, we have taken calls from several celebrities wanting to back us and we are now in touch with those seeking a change in animal welfare law.”

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