Kenny Dalglish recounts post Hillsborough phone-call with Kelvin MacKenzie

Former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has shed new light on his dealings with then Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie following the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

An extract from his autobiography appears in the Daily Mirror today.

Following the appearance of a Sun front-page headlined THE TRUTH, which infamously accused Liverpool fans of pickpocketing the dying and urinating on them, Dalglish says he was called by MacKenzie.

“Kenny, we have a bit of a problem,” he said.


“How can we resolve it?”

“See the headline that you put in, ‘THE TRUTH’? Just have another one, as big: ‘WE LIED.SORRY.'”

“Kenny, we can’t do that.”

“I can’t help you then.” I put down the phone. He simply didn’t realise the offence he’d caused to a grieving city.

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