Journalists excluded from Indian gang-rape trial

Journalists covering today's gang-rape pre-trial hearing in New Delhi, India, were excluded from the courtroom.

The magistrate ordered everyone except police and court officials to leave the room when the five defendants arrived.

The reason given was that the courtroom was too full and that there might be a risk to the safety of the accused men.

The hearing was then postponed until 2.30pm local time, and the 50-or-so reporters covering the case were told not to report on proceedings.

Speaking to Press Gazette this afternoon, The Independent's South Asia correspondent Andrew Buncombe said it is unlikely that the rest of the case, set to resume on Thursday, will be held in camera.

He said: "Given the apparent determination of the authorities to be seen as transparent on this matter there is going to be considerable pressure for this trial to be held in the open."

Below are some first hand accounts of events in New Delhi from journalists on the scene:


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