Journalists are quitting over influence of press owners on EU coverage, says former Telegraph writer Tim Walker

Former Telegraph diary writer Tim Walker has said that the UK’s right of centre newspapers have become “boring and predictable” since the EU referendum.

Walker spoke to Press Gazette ahead of the launch of a new general election diary called The Heckler which he is writing for the Daily Mirror from tomorrow.

He said: “Newspapers who were traditionally quite tolerant and allowed opposing views aren’t allowing it now. It means the journalism can seem quite boring and predictable.

“Papers like the Telegraph and the Mail had a great tradition of allowing opposing views and that just isn’t happening.

“The right wing papers aren’t allowing any dissent on the issue of Brexit.”

Walker, who was diary editor of the Daily Telegraph for 12 years, wrote a Heckler column for the Mirror during the 2015 election campaign.

He said: “There haven’t been a lot of laughs during this campaign, but I hope to be able to rectify that.”

He added: “When it comes to Brexit, too many papers have been championing the interests of their proprietors, rather than their readers.

“Friends on these papers keep telling me how disillusioned they are and some are actually quitting the trade.

“It’s very sad. The Mirror, in contrast, has stayed true to its readers. Everyone on the paper will be able to look back on this period in its history with great pride.”

Since leaving the Telegraph in 2014, Walker has had a stint working on the Mail on Sunday – where he broke the news that Rupert Murdoch was dating Jerry Hall.

He also worked for pro Remain campaigner Gina Miller on her media strategy.

The Evening Standard reported that he had been in talks with Sir David Barclay, the Daily Telegraph owner, about writing a biography of him and his twin brother, Sir Frederick.

Walker said: “We were getting along famously until Brexit came along. I wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath waiting for that book.”


1 thought on “Journalists are quitting over influence of press owners on EU coverage, says former Telegraph writer Tim Walker”

  1. Seems like an intelligent fellow who isn’t to be pigeonholed by papers. Shame proprietors seem less keen on this.

    I do wonder if readers like this kind of alternative viewpoint or not. With the increase in social network bubbles I fear for the likes of Walker and others who can hop across these bubbles, which is increasingly being seen as traitorous behaviour to those within a bubble.

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