Jordan and Peter Andre sue News of the World over nanny's bad parenting claims

Model Katie Price and her husband Peter Andre have joined forces to sue News Group Newspapers for damages of up to £150,000.

The celebrity pair are suing over their former nanny’s claims in the News of the World in February and say the story, headed: ‘Jordan exposed”, was defamatory.

The story, sub headed: ‘Nanny reveals sex, rows, binges … & what she’s REALLY like as mum”, appeared on the front page and over four pages inside.

The story claimed that they are shockingly callous, uncaring and reckless parents who have seriously endangered the health and welfare of their children, especially son Harvey, and it said Price dishonestly tries to present herself as the perfect parent, they claim.

The couple say their personal and professional reputations were damaged by the story, and that they suffered considerable distress and embarrassment.

The News of the World failed to check the story with them first, or give them any opportunity to comment on the allegations, although they were based on the account of an obviously disgruntled ex-employee, according to a High Court writ.

The allegations were untrue, and the story contained numerous other inaccuracies, but was published in the most sensational manner possible, they say.

The pair accuse the paper of acting highly irresponsibly, and of deliberately intending to publish a sensational and wholly prejudiced story at the expense of their reputation and feelings.

They plan to refer an ‘extraordinary’email sent by assistant editor Jules Stenson, sent on February 3, in which he admitted: ‘I would have told you about the nanny but our lawyer said you may put a legal block on it so I could not”, they say.

The allegations were widely repeated in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet, while the story appeared on the News of the World website, with a recorded interview with their former nanny Rebecca Gault, from February 3, they claim.

Price and Andre say the News of the World has failed to apologise or take any steps to mitigate the damage caused to their reputation and feelings.

They are seeking damages and aggravated damages for libel, and an injunction to prevent the reputation of the allegations in the story.

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