John Dale chronicles 24 hours in journalism around the world today - $10,000 in awards: 'One day, one world, one billion stories'

Former Take a Break editor John Dale is again chronicling 24 hours in journalism today.

But this year he is taking the project global and offering $10,000 in rewards for journalists who send in the best accounts of their day.

John is asking journalists to write a timetable of their day as it unfolds, starting from 6am today (GMT) to 6am tomorrow.

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Describing the project he writes:  "One Day. One World. One Billion Stories. Telling the story of those who tell the story. You write a snapshot of your day hour by hour, using your stories to illustrate your experience as a journalist in your region.

"Why is it different from elsewhere? What do your stories reveal, about you as well as the city and country around you? Do you work for love or money? What do your family and friends think? Are you bold or brave? Do you ever regret being a journalist? Is it the only job you've ever wanted?

"Describe your stories, interviews, thoughts, dilemmas, crises and successes – all the things which we as journalists go through in one day. Enrich it with personal matters, your colleagues, home, social life, refreshment – anything which falls within that 24 hour period as it unfolds – running from 6am GMT on 11 March to 6am 12 March.  Adjust for your time zone.

  "Write the document in the first person. Add colour and dialogue, perhaps with quotes from colleagues, family or friends. Give your motivation, hopes and fears. Help me – and other journalists around the world – understand why your journalistic day is special and unique."

Dale with give $5,000 to the best contribution, $2,500 for the second and then five awards of $500.

It is the second time Dale has tried to tell the story of a single 24-hour news cycle through the eyes of journalists in the UK and around the world. Last year he did so for a feature in Press Gazettew which resulted in this book being published.

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