Jockeying for position in Hearst's Love Triangle

latest addition to the New York skyline is nearing completion. It’s the
new 46 storey headquarters of the Hearst Corporation, designed by Lord
Foster, and which like many of the architect’s other creations has
already got a nickname. Because of its multi-faceted triangular shaped
windows it’s been dubbed The Love Triangle. Building it – on the site
of the original and old-fashioned Italianate six-story Hearst
headquarters that was erected in the l920s when William Randolph Hearst
was running the company – has taken more than three years.

of its outstanding features is an indoor waterfall, cascading into the
building’s 10-storey high lobby. This week Hearst staff, who for years
have been scattered in offices all over the city, will start moving in.
The contentious question has been who will be getting some of the truly
spectacular corner offices, high in the structure and overlooking
mid-town Manhattan.

Befitting her title – and power – the
topmost office has been assigned to Cathie Black, the president of
Hearst Magazines. She will be located on the 43rd floor, just below the
swank new conference room which looks out over Central Park. Just where
most of the magazines she controls and their staffs will be located has
been the subject of much debate – and quite a bit of jealousy.
Cosmopolitan Magazine, the company’s most profitable title, has been
assigned the highest floor of any of the individual magazines – way up
on the 38th floor. Oprah Winfrey, whose O Magazine is the second most profitable, will reign from the 36th floor. Joanna Coles, the new editor in chief of Marie Claire, came out next best – with offices on the 34th floor.

from the brand new offices, the new Hearst HQ also includes a 9,000 sq
ft fitness centre, a l68-seat private theatre, a fully-equipped tv
studio and a modern cafeteria. The new building will also house the
Good Housekeeping Institute with its test kitchens and a private dining
room on the 28th floor. That will also be where Good Housekeeping’s
veteran editor Ellen Levine will have her office. Somewhat lower will
be the offices of Esquire (on the 21st) and Seventeen – perhaps
appropriately on the l7th floor. .Because of its unusual shape, the
large glass triangle-shaped windows framed in off-white stainless
steel, the building is being hailed as the most exciting new building
in Manhattan for 25 years.

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