Jobs will be found for majority of News of the World staff

News International has today announced that the ‘vast majority’of the 200-odd staff who worked on the News of the World will be found other jobs within News International.

The majority of those affected by the closure of the NoW are journalists. They are currently on three months gardening leave.

Today’s announcement will deflect criticisms from those who said that 200 jobs had been sacrificed to safeguard the position of chief executive Rebekah Wade and help push through News Corp‘s bid to acquire BSkyb.

News International said in a statement: ‘Starting next week, NI human resource managers will meet with each of the affected News of the World staff with a view to placing them in jobs.

‘The company has already identified 30 editorial employment opportunities across its titles, including existing job vacancies.

‘NI has already confirmed that, as a first step, Fabulous magazine – the News of the World’s award-winning supplement with 30 journalists – will be preserved.

‘NI remains committed to investing in journalism and is proud of the fact that we are one of the biggest employers of highly skilled journalists in the world.”

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