Jersey Evening Post editor Chris Bright retires after 44 years helping 'democracy, justice and fair play'

Friends and colleagues said farewell to outgoing Jersey Evening Post editor Chris Bright yesterday as his 44-year career with the paper came to an end.

Employees gathered for a retirement presentation at the paper's Five Oaks headquarters to pay respect to Bright (pictured above – centre, front), who joined the paper on 19 October 1970 as a cub reporter.

Chairman of Guiton Publishing John Averty passed on the thanks of the JEP's board of directors and said: "Chris has been an incredible editor. Throughout all his time he has been an absolute gentleman and stalwart."

Incoming editor Andy Sibcy said: "Chris has been editor for more than 20 years – a rare feat in the newspaper industry, but it is not hard to see why he has enjoyed such longevity.

"Despite his huge intellect and knowledge of just about everything, Chris is genuinely modest and self-effacing, a very fair man of honour, principle and integrity who always strives to do the right thing."

Bright said that he would miss working with an extraordinary group of people: "To be an editor is a huge privilege, especially in your own home town, but actually journalism in general is a pretty privileged job.

"It allows you to meet people, witness events, see things and ask questions.

"It also allows you to feel a sense of purpose in helping to keep your fellow citizens as well informed as you can about what is going on in their community, thus playing a small daily part in the processes of democracy, justice and fair play.

"This is no small thing, so one of my parting thoughts is: don't let anyone tell you that what we do is trivial or unimportant."

In a 15-minute speech he thanked the paper, its staff and his former colleagues – some of who had travelled great distances to be present.

Concluding he said: "I won't keep you any longer because I know you have a paper to get out, and long may that continue to be the case."  

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