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Ricky Gervais is desperate for my help. No, he is, really. So, despite the fact that it is still "all hands to the pump" after the relaunch of Woman last week, I simply can't refuse.

We are responding to a request from the makers of hit comedy Extras, who contacted the office and asked for permission to mock up an issue of Woman for use in the forthcoming series.

Joking apart, it says something about how this magazine's heritage permeates the most unexpected levels of society, that we were their first port of call for a request like this. Not going to reveal exactly what's on the dummy cover… but it will make you laugh.

Thursday is conference day and I spend the afternoon with my fabulously efficient deputy, Abigail Blackburn, and all department heads planning our issue 28 (on sale 11 July).

Right now, that seems so far away it might as well be Christmas.

One of the most exciting aspects of the job as a new editor of a fast-paced weekly title is that you have to hit the ground running, and so, scheduling-wise, our late-page facility is currently being used to within an inch of its life.

Not sure my production manager Phil is quite so exhilarated though. The man had hair when I started!


Much excitement surrounds IPC's big move next year to prestigious new premises, The Blue Fin Building, on the Bankside development, next to Tate Modern. It is a state-ofthe- art facility that is going to finally give the company the home it deserves.

Firstly, though, there is the small matter of floor plans and cupboard space to be considered. I nod knowingly as the editors' group is run through the particulars of each magazine's space allocation and then return to my office armed with an all-singing, all-dancing information pack that I promptly deposit with my PA, Tracey. She was born to handle exactly this sort of logistical minefield.

With the cover of our issue 23 about to go to press, we receive fantastic shots of soap actress of the year Lacey Turner, hot from an exclusive shoot with Woman. She looks fantastic and so we rebuild the cover around her.

Soap is so important to our readers and, despite the fact we have broadened our celebrity coverage to include Hollywood A-listers in the mix, we'll never turn our back on British TV.


Love long weekends, hate short weeks. All the benefits of the Bank Holiday are washed away (much like the weekend itself) with the knowledge that our huge 84-page issue is going to have to race through the production process in double-quick time.

I am heartened by the feedback from readers about the new look. It has been really positive in the main — although it may have been an oversight on my part to axe the long-running cryptic crossword. I never realised puzzlers were so passionate, but they are lobbying strongly for its return.

That is the great thing about Woman readers, they care and take the time to share their thoughts with you. So The Tricky One, as it is known, is going to be making a comeback. Now if I could only figure out the answer to three across.


I have been asked to appear on BBC 2's Working Lunch tomorrow. I am not a complete TV novice. I once memorably turned up at work after the Christmas break to find a car waiting to whisk me off to ITN for a live interview for the One O'clock News.

The topic was a new stress-related condition known as female sexual dysfunction. Hmmm, who exactly volunteered me for that one?

Talking about the philosophies behind Woman's relaunch should be plain sailing in comparison. So much fascinating research has gone into the magazine and its recent evolution that I just hope I can do justice to it.

Still, won't worry. It's not like I am vain or anything. Might just see if I can get a quick blow dry, though.


An early morning meeting with Woman publisher Oswin Grady and the Connect marketing team to discuss the ongoing support activity around the new look. There is fabulous early news on sales figures for our first issue.

Meetings such as this really bring home to you the enormous and wide-ranging support a huge organisation like IPC Media gives its titles.

Then it is off for my moment of stardom. Arriving at the BBC studios in White City, the make-up artist takes one look at me and reaches for an industrial-sized vat of foundation.

Once on-air, it is nail-biting stuff, although presenter Adam Shaw does his best to put me at my ease. Seeing a sixfoot version of our latest cover projected onto the studio display makes me realise just what a colossal achievement the relaunch has been.

Squeeze in a quick meeting with our new celebrity editor… can't tell you who she is yet but she is certainly going to be nabbing some great showbiz exclusives for us in the coming weeks. Watch this space.

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