ITV News decision to cancel election debate in wake of London Bridge attack criticised as 'wrong'

ITV News London has been criticised for cancelling tonight’s general election debate following the London Bridge attack on Saturday night.

The debate, which was scheduled to take place for half-an-hour during their usual 6pm TV slot and for a full hour streaming on Facebook Live.

Set to attend were Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, former Justice Secretary and Times columnist Michael Gove, Green Party London Assembly Member Sian Berry and UKIP deputy leader Peter Whittle.

After hearing the debate was cancelled, Whittle, also a London Assembly Member, said on Twitter that it was a “bad, wrong decision” and there were “vital issues to be discussed.”

An ITV News spokesperson said: “Following Saturday’s terror attack at London Bridge and ITV News London’s wish to cover all angles of the story comprehensively for viewers in the capital, tonight’s scheduled ITV News London Election Debate will no longer take place.

“We feel it’s important to allow for time in today’s programme to tell the stories of the victims and survivors.

“ITV News London will continue to cover developments of the general election campaign in the run up to polling day on Thursday, as planned.”

There are no plans to reschedule the programme before polling day.

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