Isle of Wight publisher launches green business publication

An independent regional publishing company based in the Isle of Wight has launched a local business magazine and national website focusing on the environmental issues facing a small business.

Launched by Sixty Mile Publishing, GreenWiseBusiness.co.uk online will soft launch in October and will offer local, regional, national and international business focused environmental news as well as information and advice from experts.

A quarterly print magazine will launch in 2009 with an initial controlled free circulation of 5,000 in The Solent/South Coast of England and a regional focus in the content, with plans to expand the magazine into other areas and have more regional issues as the business grows.

Editor Louise Bateman said the magazine and website will cover a lot of ‘grass roots’stories, and that by tackling the issues facing small to medium sized enterprises they’re offering something unique in the green media.

She said: ‘There’s a lot of focus on the big corporations and what they’re doing to reduce their carbon emissions and gaining green credentials, and although small businesses on their own don’t create major carbon emissions, together there are so many of them.

‘The other critical thing, and more pertinent to small businesses, in an economic downturn is that making yourself more resource efficient and reducing your carbon footprint does help your bottom line.”

Dame Ellen MacArthur will have a regular column on the website about her hope to make the Isle of Wight, where she lives, a carbon neutral island.

Sixty Mile Publishing was started in 2005 by Bateman and fellow directors Mark Fewell and Amanda Bartlett. Bateman, who has been working in business publishing for 20 years, said the company’s initial project of launching Isle of Wight business magazine, Island Business, was successful enough to fund their second launch.

She said: ‘Because of the way we’ve managed it we’re a profitable company so we’re funding this from our profits. With print there is a much greater outlay so we’re doing this organically and starting from the region we know best. The longer term objective, bearing in mind we’re a small business, is that we’ll have GreenWise magazines in different regions.”

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