Iraq bomb blast journalist leaves hospital

Two months after being severely wounded in Iraq by a car bomb, CBS journalist Kimberly Dozier is set to leave hospital and is already walking on crutches.

The attack which took place on 29 May when Dozier and her CBS crew and were embedded with US troops in Baghdad.

In a message released to CBS staff yesterday, Dozier said: "I've had a couple of setbacks and I still face a couple minor surgeries, but overall, the prognosis is far better than the docs had hoped just after I'd reached Germany."

Dozier, 39, who has dual US-British citizenship, had been reporting from Iraq for the past three years, and had previously worked for BBC Radio World Service's World Update before joining CBS.

Cameraman, Paul Douglas, and freelance soundman, James Brolan – both British – were killed when a bomb exploded as they left the armoured vehicle they had been travellling in to film US troops inspecting a checkpoint manned by the Iraqi army.

Dozier added: "Not a day goes by without thinking of Paul and James – two of the most remarkable characters I've ever known."

Picture:Dozier shortly after being injured (Reuters).

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