IPC's Marie Claire revamped

Marie Claire has been given a rigorous overhaul by IPC in a bid to highlight "the benefits of a monthly that the weeklies can't touch", according to its publisher.

The 18-year-old title is the latest monthly to announce a revamp in an attempt to distance itself from the weekly market.

In May this year it was put through the same project development process all IPC launches go through.

Richard Johnstone, publishing director at Marie Claire, said the move was "a real step change" for the monthly, headed up by Marie O'Riordan.

He said: "When we entered this process we asked two questions: what makes a monthly magazine powerful and unique, and what's special and engaging about Marie Claire? We were looking at the benefits of the monthly magazine that weeklies can't touch."

Johnstone declined to divulge details of the changes. He denied that the title had lost focus chasing the coveted younger readership of Glamour, the biggest selling women's glossy, which shifted 585,984 copies compared to Marie Claire's 371,444 in the last ABCs.

Johnstone said that Marie Claire, as "the intelligent woman's read", always appealed to the mid-30s reader, but that the changes were designed to take the title back into its "heartland".

While admitting that the title would suffer another fall in its latest ABCs, released on Thursday, Johnstone also denied this spurred the revamp.

"The move is not to do with the ABCs, but where we go with the magazine from now," he added.

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