Injunction for BBC cash-for-honours story

The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, obtained an injunction barring
the BBC from broadcasting a story about the cash-for-honours inquiry.

The injunction was granted around an hour before the first planned broadcast of a story on Friday's 10 O'Clock News on BBC One.

A spokesman for Goldsmith said the move was taken in
response to a request from the Metropolitan Police, which has been
engaged in a year-long investigation into claims that peerages were
offered in return for financial support for political parties.

He said: "The application for an injunction was made by the attorney general
this afternoon at the specific request of —and in co-operation with — the
police, because of their concern that disclosure of certain information
at this stage would impede their inquiries."

The BBC said the injunction was granted after a two-hour
hearing involving lawyers from the broadcaster and the attorney general's office at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

In a statement, the BBC said its report on cash-for-honours was a "legitimate matter of public interest".

The hearing is understood to be the first time that an
injunction has been either sought or granted in the cash-for-honours

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