Independent fastest growing national newspaper website in March

The Independent was again the fastest growing national newspaper website in March, with average daily browsers up 90 per cent year on year to 1.2m.

The Telegraph recorded its last monthly ABC figure as a fully free-to-air website with 2.9m daily browsers (up 19 per cent year on year). The Telegraph adopted a metered paywall at the end of March in the UK after doing the same thing with the international version of its website in November. It now sets a limit of 20 articles a month before it invites readers to subscribe.

Mail Online remains the UK’s most popular national newspaper website with 7.2m daily browsers in March (down 5.4 per cent from the month before). The Guardian is the second most popular site with 4.3m browsers (down 6.5 per cent on the previous month.

UK national newspaper website traffic for March 2013 (source: ABC)

Average daily browsers, percentage change year on year (and month on month)

Mail Online: 7,193,926, up 33 per cent (down 5.4 per cent m/m) 4,294,582, up  15.4 per cent (down 6.5 per cent m/m)

Telegraph: 2,875,848, up 19 per cent (down 4.6 per cent)

The Sun: 1,680,273, up 13 per cent (down 5.9 per cent m/m)

The Independent: 1,221,330, up 90 per cent (up 0.4 per cent m/m)

Metro: 320,140, up  2.3 per cent (up 17.8 per cent m/m) 183,845, up 53 per cent (up 1.4 per cent m/m)


Total monthly unique browsers:

Mail Online: 112,588,515 78,291,068

Telegraph: 55,809,580

The Sun: 28,596,036

Independent: 25,236,985

Metro: 7,801,303 4,262,727



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