In Journalism Weekly: David Dinsmore profile, journalists owed thousands by Loaded, how Victorians had the best stories

Highlight’s of this week’s Press Gazette – Journalism Weekly, include:

News that journalists have been left thousands out of pocket by Loaded magazine publisher’s move into administration.

How The Guardian persuaded its secret source to go on the record revealing allegations the police had spied on the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Redtop colleagues talk about their surprise and delight at David Dinsmore’s sudden promotion to Sun editor. He’s said to be friendly, ambitious and he doesn’t take himself too seriously (as evidenced by an anecdote involving a pork pie and an embarassing newsroom wardrobe malfunction).

Former Independent editor Simon Kelner talks about Johann Hari, Evgeny Lebedev and moving into PR.

And how the Victorians had all the best stories.

To read this week’s edition of Press Gazette magazine, click on this link – or on the front page below.


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