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IFJ condemns continuing attacks on Yemeni journalists

The International Federation of Journalists has condemned a string of attacks on journalists and newspaper delivery drivers in Yemen.

In one case, journalist Fatek Al Radini who works for the Saba news agency was attacked and beaten by a mob of four people as he returned on 6 February in the port city of Aden.

The mob stole Al Radini’s belongings during the attack.

The following day, armed criminals held up and hijacked a delivery truck carrying copies of the Akhbar Al Youn newspaper. The armed men forced the driver out of the cab before stealing the vehicle.

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate can called on local security forces to investigate both attacks.

IFJ president Jim Boumelha said: "We stand in solidarity with our colleagues in Yemen to demand that the relevant authorities do everything in their power to increase protection for the safety and freedom of the country's journalists and media personnel.

"These blatant and brutal acts of violence are clear attempts to intimidate the country's media and undermine press freedom and they cannot be tolerated. Regardless of political opinion, the right to freedom of expression and media safety must be upheld."

The IFJ will travel to Yemen’s capital Sanaa where they will hold a meeting on media safety including training for Yemeni journalists.

The following are the most prominent attacks that have occurred between October 2013 – February 2014 on journalists and media workers in Yemen: (Source IFJ)
– February 3, 2014: the Journalist Mohammed Al Alfi in Yemen News Agency (SABA) was wounded in the head when attacked by one of the soldiers with the back of his arm, in the capital Sanaa. 
– January 1, 2014: The newspaper distributor of Al Thawry newspaper Saddam Alsamey was detained by the security forces of Al Sabine zone for a period of three days. 
– December 4, 2013: A correspondent of media economic magazine Abdulsalam Al Ghubary was assaulted with batons and kicking feet by police riot while photographing motorcyclists’ demonstration in City Mart. 
-December 3, 2013: the female correspondent of Al Massira, Saraa Al Shahary was attacked and kidnapped while driving in the capital she has been subject to torture and thrown in the next day in an area near the airport in Sana'a after emptying her car and stealing her personal purse. 
– November 30, 2013: the European Agency photographer for News Photo Yahya Aarab was violently beaten and his professional camera was confiscated by members of the security forces while covering a protest for motorcycles owners. 
– November 27, 2013: the editor of the Al wahdawi newspaper Ahmad Alajabiha was kidnapped and his teammate Jamal Junaid (who was able to escape) in front of the President’s home by an armed gang driving a Sonata taxi with plate number 1525, their two laptops and phones were stolen. 
– November 20, 2013: a car explosion in the Yemeni capital Sana’a has seriously wounded the well known journalist Mohammed Al Imad, the assassination attempt was clear. 
– November 20, 2013: two unknown persons set fire to the warehouse of Al Oulaye and Al Sharea newspaper, at the bottom of the newspapers headquarters, at a time when all members of the crew journalist and administration were in their offices. Eyewitnesses said two masked men poured burning materials from under the door of the warehouse, and set the fire, causing the spread of the flame into the store and burning the outer half of it, they were able to extinguish the fire with the help of the young people in the neighborhood. 
November 10, 2013: the National Security of Sanaa’ Airport has held the colleague Adel Abdul Al Moughani since four o'clock in the morning as he returned from participating in the session of the International Center for Journalists in Morocco on cross-country investigative reporting, and this is the second detention of Abdul Al Moughani by the National Security of Sanaa’ Airport, he was also detained last September while returning from the International Center for journalists workshop in Morocco. 
– November 5, 2013: a group of gunmen kidnapped the delivery bus of Akhbar El Youm newspaper and have severely beaten the 2 distributors with rifle butts, according to Akhbar Al