If only Withy Grove was still there


The enforced relocation of thousands of London-centric BBC media luvvies to the cobbled wastes of Manchester (or Salford, actually) can’t come soon enough for Northerners tired of being treated with arrogant ignorance.

Take today’s Page 4 graphic in the Daily Telegraph, supposedly detailing the alleged targets of al-Qaeda car bombs. The artist successfully managed to locate on the map one of Europe’s biggest malls, the Trafford Centre. They also pinpointed the plush, shopping enclave of St Ann’s Square.

Unfortunately, they managed to confuse the city centre Arndale Centre (once an IRA target) with the altogether less salubrious Arndale Centre five miles down the road in Stretford, and home of one of the nation’s roughest pubs.

Mind you, seeing as the brains behind the dumbed-down broadsheet also found space for a Britain’s Got Talent story on the front page, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at such pathetic ineptitude.

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