Ian Gammidge

Born in 1916, Ian Gammidge was a member of the Territorial Army
before the Second World War, so was quickly called up and despatched to
France, from where, after the French collapse, he escaped via
Cherbourg. Later he was in the Siege of Malta. During this time Ian
developed his gifts as a cartoonist and humorous writer.

demob, ex-Captain Gammidge submitted material to Lilliput and other
magazines, before joining the Daily Mirror cartoons department as
resident scriptwriter. He produced stories for “Jane” and “Ruggles”
among other strip cartoons, but his big successes were “The Flutters”

and “The Larks”.

As a cartoonist, Ian had a regular feature called “Gammidge’s Bargain Basement” in the Sunday Mirror.

His funeral was held on 26 October at the Surrey village church in which he had been a member of the choir.

By John Allard

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