Hull Daily Mail journalist uncovers vital evidence that jails rapist

There’s a great story in the Hull Daily Mail today revealing how the paper’s court reporter Nicky Harley did the job of the police for them and helped put a rapist behind bars.

The man was convicted at a re-trial after Harley tracked down a retired detective who worked on the original investigation back in 1985 and found out that he had photographs of the crime scene which revealed discrepancies in the defence case. The former detective had no idea that the orginals of the photos had been lost and they proved crucial in securing a conviction.

It’s surprising that the police did not think to do this sort of basic leg-work themselves and amazing that a local newspaper crime reporter (who I am sure is extremely busy anyway) found the time to do this.

Retired detective superintendent Barry Lilley told the Hull Daily Mail: “Having a spare copy (of crime scene pictures) produced was a regular practice of mine. I’m pleased these photos have now formed the backbone of the prosecution evidence, which finally brought a guilty plea to this despicable, serious crime. I congratulate Nicky Harley, from the Mail, for her dedication and endeavours.”

Mail deputy editor Paul Hartley told holdthefrontpage: “Nicky is a consummate professional. Thanks to her initiative and determination this man is now facing jail for his crime and the relatives of the victim have finally seen justice done after 25 years.

“It’s an outstanding piece of journalism which once again shows how local newspapers really can make a difference.”

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