Huffington Post steps up UK recruitment

Huffington Post UK has appointed new editors for its media and business sections as it presses ahead with its UK expansion.

Former head of content at metro.co.uk Stephen Hull has joined the website as media editor and Peter Guest has been appointed business editor.

The arrivals come after the launch of its universities and education section in August and last month's launch of The Gauge, a new debate platform based around social networks.

In an interview that appeared in the September edition of Press Gazette editor-in-chief of HuffPo UK, Carla Buzasi, said she was "very keen that we launch lots of new sections across the site", adding that it had 'momentum behind us and it would be a real shame just to sit on our laurels".

'We need to be constantly refreshing the site,'said Buzasi. 'We've got to make sure that we're launching new sections that work for a British audience.

'That's very, very important to me, looking at what people in this country are interested in, what people in this country are reading online, and that's what we're creating on the site.'

Buzasi, the former associate editor of Marie Claire, said she was also keen to bring in a technology editor and increase its coverage of the charity sector. 'We're in a country where cuts are being made left, right and centre at the moment, and not many people are really reporting on how that's affecting families,'she said.

'Charities are having their donations slashed, their funding slashed, and we can be a place where they can have a voice and remind people that it's important.

'Also, I think that as a news site you become very focused on what you're writing about now. You need to have that responsibility to go back to those stories in a month's time to look at the fallout and who's been affected. Who's reporting that? I want it to be us.

Speaking to Press Gazette in August Buzasi admitted that while 'we haven't broken a massive, massive story yet'the site has a 'few things up our sleeve'and she said she was considering setting up an investigations team. 'That is something that I would love to have in the future, I think that breaking news is going to be really important,'she says, aware that in the UK at least the site still has a 'reputation to build".

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