How UK newspapers reported Boris Johnson's 'landslide' election victory

A number of Britain’s daily newspapers put out special late editions to cover news of Boris Johnson’s “landslide” election victory overnight.

Newspapers that had backed the Conservatives at the snap poll celebrated the party’s win, with the Daily Mail calling on readers to “rejoice”.

The Daily Express declared: “The British lion roars for Boris and Brexit!”

Johnson won with a majority of 76 seats (with one left to declare).

The Daily Mirror said it was a “nightmare before xmas” on its front page.

The paper’s associate editor, Kevin Maguire, shared an image of a mocked-up splash that would have run should Labour have stormed to victory under Jeremy Corbyn, who is now set to stand down as the party’s leader.

The Financial Times has also published a special free election “tabloid” that is being distributed at select London stations today.


UK national newspaper headlines on Friday 13 December:




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4 thoughts on “How UK newspapers reported Boris Johnson's 'landslide' election victory”

  1. It will be very hard for Archant to justify The European vanity project any longer in light of the huge Brexit vote yesterday and as they’re on a quest to cut all unnecessary costs.
    This is particularly relevant as 2018 was their worst year ever with 2019 looking just as bleak, when they’re retreating from core communities and have shut down their entire print operation making almost 100 staff redundant in the process.

    Even one of their own EDP columnist thought to mock the remainers in his piece on line today calling them snobbish and patronising

    If they’re looking at luxuries they can no longer afford they need look no further than this woeful remoaners publication which, it has to be said,is no longer relevant or fit for purpose.

  2. Surely the days of The New European newspaper must be numbered after this huge anti- remain vote.
    No one likes to be associated with a loser after all and it’s copy sale numbers, like those of it’s print stable mates, will be falling even more now after this.To be fair it may well sell in the high thousands and be very profitable but without any published sales or revenue figures and when the sales staff aren’t given the information either it’s hard to say if it’s income outweighs its costs in terms of staff, resources and the money being pumped into it after it’s former editor has jumped ship and whilst Archants other print titles are left to wither away on the vine.

    Time to pull the plug I’d say, as the old saying goes ‘there’s no point fighting a fight you know you can’t win’

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