How to pitch to: Travel Weekly

Pitch to: The features and supplements editor, via email to karl.cushing@rbi.co.uk

Type of article: Informative pieces on emerging themes and trends; new ‘hotspots”; sectors such as cruise and activity breaks; and lots of destination pieces.

Topics: Each issue typically features two or three destination focuses, with two or more pieces on each. Other focuses include sectors such as weddings and honeymoons and areas like technology. A list of upcoming features and supplements is available on our website.

Post-pitch: Feel free to send a follow-up email (emailing is better than phoning). I get lots of pitches so it may have been filed away, and after a week or so has passed I should know if or when I can use it.

What will impress: Ideas that take in our target audience – travel agents. For example, ones that offer tips on selling products, include sample packages, and ultimately tell them things they don’t already know about a destination or sector.

What won’t impress: First-person rambles about your summer holidays, old ideas about destinations we’ve covered a gazillion times before, and pitches from people who obviously haven’t bothered to read the magazine.

Rate: £200 per 1,000 words.

Images: Freelance writers will source relevant pics for pieces once commissioned.

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