How to pitch to: Psychologies

Women’s monthly magazine ‘about what we are really like, not just what we look like”.

Type of article: We accept feature ideas on a wide range of topics, including personality and behaviour, relationships, sex, parenting, health, well-being, travel and spirituality. We also look for writers keen to write about first-person experiences.

How to pitch: It’s best to email a fairly detailed pitch. Feature suggestions should be one to two paragraphs, well researched, with a clear working title, and should refer to any relevant experts or recent research or findings about that topic.

It is always better to send outlines rather than completed articles, and include details of other publications you write for as well as any press cuttings that can be accessed online.

Post-pitch: We reply to all freelance submissions. However, we receive a large number of them, so it can take a few days. It’s best to wait a week, and then send another email to follow up. We’re always happy to give feedback about article suggestions.

What will impress: Well-researched ideas with a fresh angle, ideally backed up by new psychological research or new theories from key experts in the field.

What won’t impress: Ideas for features that we have read many times before, in other publications.

Rate: Depends on the length and type of feature.

Images: Only if commissioned to write a first-person piece and it has been agreed beforehand.

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