How to pitch to Men's Health

Men’s Health
Monthly men’s health-focused lifestyle title
Mike Shallcross, deputy editor

Pitch to: Dan Jones, features editor ( For shorter pieces try Joseph Mackie, senior editor ( or Jonathan Thompson, commissioning editor (

Type of articles: Anything original and useful on the subject of men’s health and well-being. It could be how to become a millionaire in 12 months, or going undercover to investigate organ trafficking. Surprise us.

Topics: Health, fitness, sex, money, psychology, food… basically anything which can improve a man’s life.

How to pitch: By email. Make it punchy, detail which experts you’re going to use and, above all, tell us what new facts you’re going to add to the sum of human knowledge about a subject. If you’ve not written for us before, consider attaching a pdf of previous published work so we can gauge your writing style.

Post-pitch: Don’t be afraid to follow up, but equally don’t be offended if you don’t hear back.

What will impress: Access to good sources, use of humour, ability to pitch treatments other than straight write-throughs. Most important though is an understanding of service journalism – that everything we publish needs to be directly useful to the reader.

What won’t impress: Recycling sports magazine pitches; writers peddling their own opinions in place of those of experts; anything mentioning ‘metrosexuals”, omega 3s or steroids; offers to ‘review’spas.

Rate: Depends on length on story. An average feature generally pays between £700-£800.

Images: Helpful, but not essential.


1 thought on “How to pitch to Men's Health”

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