How to pitch to Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping magazine – Women’s interest, big on case studies

Elisabeth Knowles, acting features editor

Pitch to: The features editor, or, where applicable, the appropriate department’s editor.

Type of article: ‘Real-life’stories are the most likely to be commissioned. We rarely commission people whose work we aren’t famliar with to do a general interest story or opinion piece.

Topics: Generally issues relevant to women over 30. But it’s not the topic so much as the case study that we’re interested in.

How to pitch: Via email to

Post-pitch: If you don’t hear back from me at all, your email has disappeared among the flood of others I’ve had that week, so don’t be too shy to send it again.

What will impress: A short, to-the-point, spell-checked idea which shows that you’ve read the magazine. Say who you are and what you’ve written for before. If the case study has a website, indicate the link.

What won’t impress: Too many ideas. We’re not going to commission 10 features from you at once, so pick the best three and send me those.

Rate: Between £400 and £800 a feature.

Images: No, we photograph all stories. But supply low-res images of case studies.

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