How to pitch to First

Pitch to:

Type of article: Topical features, lifestyle trends, reports, interviews, real-life stories, self-help pieces. As First is weekly, I’m constantly commissioning, often out-of-house, so always on the look-out for compelling ideas and talented writers.

Topics: Anything which our readers will be interested in or affected by.

How to pitch: A couple of concise ideas via email to me, perhaps followed by a phone call (020 7295 5548). If I don’t know you, include a brief biog – a CV and examples of previous work would be great.

Post-pitch: If I don’t reply, email me again until I give an answer either way. Don’t be disheartened if they’re not right for us, and feel free to bombard me with more!

What will impress: Strong, fresh, interesting ideas.

What won’t impress: Pitching ideas which we’ve recently run – showing you haven’t read the magazine.

Rate: Enough.

Images: No.

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