How to pitch to: Blueprint

Pitch to: Me, at tabrahams@wilmington.co.uk, or editor Vicky Richardson at vrichardson@wilmington.co.uk. Probably best copying it to both.

Type of articles: We tend not to accept building or project studies from freelances – especially not for buildings in the UK. But if you’ve been somewhere exotic and found a really interesting recently built building that hasn’t been published elsewhere, we’re interested.

Topics: We are unique in that we work across several design disciplines and, historically, we’ve been at the cutting edge of new moves in these areas, so if you can show how your piece will fit in with this approach that’s a big plus.

How to pitch: Email. Three ideas at max. About a paragraph on each.

Post pitch: Give us a bell a couple of days later and don’t be offended if we ask you to call back.

What will impress: A clear familiarity with, and understanding of, the magazine. We want intellectual clout, but we also value a good journalistic approach: Strong narrative, clear description, and some clear, factual support to your argument.

What won’t impress: Using the words ‘eco’or ‘sustainability’as the main justification for your pitch. Providing a list of new projects and offering to ‘do’them for us. We want to know why and how they should be approached. Addressing your email to the editor of one of our competitors (lost count of how many times this has happened).

Rate: £280 per thousand words.

Images: The first question we generally ask a freelance is: What does it look like? Photographs – no more than five in lo-res format – are very, very helpful in persuading us.

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