How to pitch to: BBC Focus

Pitch to:

Ian Taylor, features editor, at iantaylor@bbcmagazinesbristol.com

Type of article:

We commission feature articles of all kinds, from a boxy DPS to comprehensive eight-pagers and technology group tests. One-off interviews are usually done in-house, so don’t get in touch unless you have a bona fide exclusive.


Focus covers a very broad range of subjects: Technology, psychology, engineering, space, biology, archaeology, physics and more. But we can’t emphasise enough that this is popular science. It relates to people’s everyday lives, you shouldn’t need a PhD to understand it, and everything in the mag can potentially spark a conversation at the pub or dinner table.

How to pitch:

An email, with a concise, punchy summary of your idea.

Post pitch:

We have long leads so don’t worry if you don’t hear straight back. A follow-up email or phone call a few weeks later will do.

What will impress:

An original, concise but detailed pitch that offers ideas for interviewees and boxouts.

What won’t impress:

False promises, spelling mistakes and your 10,000-word theory on the unification of physics.

Rates for pieces:

It varies. We’d pay more for Richard Dawkins or Malcolm Gladwell.


Not unless you have exclusive on-location stuff.

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