How to pitch to: Attitude

‘We like to differentiate ourselves by looking intelligently at gay and mainstream culture from a discerning gay man’s point of view.”

Type of article: We’re open to anything. A small interview or news story is an obvious start but we often like to get new freelances to write an opinion column so we get a feel for their writing style and where they stand on issues important to Attitude.

Topics are of interest: For example, in this month’s issue we have features commemorating the decriminalisation of homosexuality 40 years ago, and questioning the new trends in gay body image. We like ideas that are provocative and don’t toe the gay line.

How to pitch: By email.

Post-pitch: Leave it a week then email again, then call me.

What will impress: Just be personable and make the pitch snappy. Anything more than a small paragraph and the idea is too complicated. It’s also a good idea to attach published work, even if it’s from a college magazine.

What won’t impress: Arrogance. If you’re good your work will speak for itself. Also, if I don’t get back to you it’s because with a small team we get super busy; there’s persistence and then there’s irritatingly pushy.

Rate: 15p a word

Images: Always nice but by no means essential.

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