How to get into newspapers

Trainees enter the industry by a variety of routes. Some are
recruited directly be regional or local newspapers and do their basic
training under the terms of a training contact or a modern
apprenticeship. This is known as direct entry. Within this category are
those who may have secured employment with a newspaper company or group
that runs its own training scheme.
About half the intake of trainees are recruited
after attending one-year full-time vocational courses for post A-level
students and graduates. Such courses are generally held at colleges
accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists.
This route is known as pre-entry.
In Scotland, a two-year full-time course is held at Napier University in Edinburgh.
The usual entry requirement for newspaper
journalism is a minimum of five GCSE passes (grades A-C) or equivalent.
However, it has become rare for trainees to enter the industry at this
level. More than half the recruits are university graduates and many of
the others have achieved at least two A levels or equivalent. One of
the passes at A level or GCSE must be in English. Two A levels or
equivalent are often required for entry to a full-time course.
For more information, visit the National Council
for the Training of Journalists website, which also
contains information those wanting to train as a press photographer and
the Newspaper Society’s website,
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