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How The Daily Telegraph compared with other nationals on 'HSBC files' coverage

The Telegraph's chief political commentator yesterday accused his newspaper of “a form of fraud” by allowing commercial considerations to censor its coverage of the bank HSBC.

Last Tuesday, the day after BBC Panorama's expose and The Guardian's first of six consecutive splashes on the "HSBC files", the Financial Times and Daily Mail featured the story on their front pages.

Elsewhere, The Sun, Daily Star, Daily Mirror, The Times, i and The Independent all featured page-leading articles on the story.

The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express were the only UK national newspapers not to feature HSBC page leads last Tuesday, both opting to place the story at the bottom of their second pages.

Private Eye this week described the Telegraph's coverage as "a blink-and-you-miss-it report about the political row… buried at the foot of p2".

Oborne condemned this coverage and has called for the Telegraph to have an independent review carried out on its coverage of HSBC.

Below is some of the coverage from the national press on the "HSBC files" from last Tuesday:

Guardian front page, left, Telegraph page two (HSBC story, bottom left)

Financial Times front page

Daily Mail front page

Daily Express (story, bottom) and Daily Star page twos

Page 4 of The Sun and page two of the Daily Mirror

Independent pages 8 and 9

The Times



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