How big is a big evening?

Re your table “ABCs for Big Evenings”

(Press Gazette , 25
February): how big do we have to be to join your list? I realise we
can’t match some of the high minus figures in the right-hand column,
but I am puzzled by our exclusion.

Is it because seven of our eight editions are printed in the afternoon, rather than in the morning (or even the night before)?

Check our Monday-to-Friday figur

You will find it puts us at number eight on your list. Then check our Saturday sale. That makes us number four.

Don’t just take my word for it: ask ABC to provide you with the figures.

Warren Wilson Managing Director Shropshire Newspapers Ltd

Editor’s note: the table should have
been headed “Big Metropolitan Evenings” as it was intended to make the
point that the Evening Gazette is the only such paper currently putting
on sales.

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