Herald deputy's Enigma role

Philip Shanahan, deputy editor of the Tamworth Herald, campaigned for many years to bring the local men who worked on the Second World War German ‘Enigma’code to public attention.

His efforts resulted in a number of tributes, including roads and a hotel being named in their honour, and a striking sculpture in Tamworth town centre.

However, he does not claim to be the person responsible for the restoration of Hut 8 at Bletchley Park, as reported in Press Gazette on March 14.

Shanahan said: ‘I worked closely with Bletchley Park on an exhibition about the men inside Hut 8, and was given the honour of opening the building because of my work on the subject – but bringing the building back to life was a Bletchley Park initiative.”

Press Gazette would also like to clarify that the codebreakers did not hail from Tamworth as also stated in the article – the codebreakers were based at Bletchley Park.

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