Heat says stripper was not lying without wings

Celebrity magazine Heat has apologised to stripper Amy Barker following an interview it published last November with former Westlife star Bryan McFadden, writes Ruth Addicott.

The interview touched on previous allegations made by Barker in The People newspaper that she had had a sexual encounter with McFadden on his stag night three years ago.

McFadden suggested that if the claims had been true, none of the members of the band would have spoken to him again.

In response to legal action, however, Heat printed a full apology on its letters page this week, stating: “Both Mr McFadden and ourselves implicitly accused Ms Amy Barker of lying.

“We and Mr McFadden accept that a sexual encounter did take place on this occasion and it was not our intention to accuse Ms Barker of lying. We are pleased to have been able to set the record straight in this regard.”

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