Heat Radio F***s up. Seven times.

Heat Radio has got itself off to a colourful start.

Just 21 hours since the launch of Emap’s new digital station, reporter Sophie Davidson turned the air blue after she forgot to edit out the warm-up in her showbiz news bulletin and revealed on air that things aren’t running as smoothly as she would have liked.

Instead of hearing a clip from X Factor, Howard can be heard screaming profanities at her colleagues.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck ‒I’m really scared. Don’t tell anyone that I’m freaking out,” she wails.

Don’t worry, we won’t.

“You fucking bastards, it’s because I can’t print out my fucking script,” she continues.

Nice to see they’re all getting along then.

Be warned: the clip below contains strong language ‒Not that you haven’t heard it all before in your newsroom.

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