“My simple suggestion is when ITV pays for racist morons to go to the golf course, then we should know about it. We should know about their expenses, they should put them on the screen. And people like Max Clifford should not get involved – they should go back to the gutter where they belong.”

BBC journalist John Sweeney on chequebook journalism

“Greg clearly hasn’t quite found closure yet.”

Kevin Lygo, Channel 4 director of programmes, on the serialised extracts of the former BBC director general’s autobiography, Inside Story

“You sound like you’re a pure, true, old-school journalist and I don’t think that’s around anymore.”

Monica Lewinsky to John Sweeney.

“I work in public relations – I’m entitled to tell lies.”

Max Clifford

“This is a question for my corporate masters and governors: why the corporate cringe?”

BBC’s John Sweeney, accusing the broadcaster of going soft, post Hutton, on “people with money or lawyers”

“My main feeling now, given what we know about the dossier, is not of anger. It’s of open-mouthed awe at the government’s 45-carat, ocean going, industrial strength shamelessness.”

former Today correspondent Andrew Gilligan.

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