Headline of the month goes to First Great Western Trains passenger magazine

Extra marks this month go to blogger Jon Slattery who commended The Sun for coming up with an original take on the commander Ali Dizaei jailing story, when everyone else used the ‘criminal in uniform” quote.

He told Axegrinder: ‘If it doesn’t win someone should be arrested.”

Nice try, but not bottle of Jura single malt for you this month.

Here are my finalists:

Story: UK job centres mark their 100th anniversary

Headline (from the Daily Mirror): Jobcentury

Story: The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has finally shot down a moving missile with an airborne laser – but military experts say the system is not good enough for combat.

Headline (from the New Scientist)

‘Star Wars’ is a mere phantom menace to missiles

Story: Corrupt police officer Ali Dizaei is jailed after being branded a ‘criminal in uniform”.

Headline (from The Sun):
Dizaei Rascal

But there can only be one winner, and this month it goes to the subbing team on a customer magazine for the first time.

Story: Veteran tennis players to battle it out at a Masters Tennis competition:
Headline: (from First Great Western Trains passenger magazine)

Old boys’ net work

A bottle of whisky goes to spotter Francis Harvey and the subbing team on the First Great Western Trains magazine.



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